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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Review: Jurassic World: A Beast of a Movie!

Jurassic World had all the elements of a pretty sick blockbuster film.
The nostalgia effect was definitely working the entire way. Old sets and Easter Eggs from the first two films were all over the place. The story line was also reminiscent of the first one where everything that we loved; action-packed scenes, genetic manipulation impossibilities and the creatures that held us captivated, were all accounted for.

Even the two main characters had the ever present sexual tension between them. The awkward, funny, push-over character also made an appearance as well as the scheming, villainous fat guy who gets his just desserts. The requisite two kids who kicked some serious Dino toosh were pretty cool except for some unnecessary dialogue and scenes that didn't seem to connect with the whole of the film.
I can't go on without talking about Chris Pratt. Fresh off his Guardians success as the space wandering Starlord, he plays an ex-military badass who trains Raptors for a living. His character is pretty serious and has mad survival skills, a slight leap from his past roles but it seems tailor-made for him. His relationship with the Raptors are scenes to watch out for.

But let's not forget the reason why we keep coming back for more Jurassic action. The mysterious Indominus Rex.

This bad boy(girl) had all the makings of a creepy, nightmare-inducing monster. She is ferocious and seriously frightening with all the features that make her seem unbreakable and creepily intelligent. Monster fights are inevitable for this beast and it does not disappoint.

I'm pretty sure there will be a sequel. And for all those who are planning to watch on this long weekend, be sure to bring lots of popcorn and ENJOY!!!

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